It is at the gates of Paris, very close to the private hospital of Antony, that our new partner will open its doors at Fall 2018.

t is a medical and sports center of 1500m2 dedicated to your health and well-being, spread over 5 levels of 300m2 (medical consultation, radiology, physiotherapy ...).

A Thermo Training Room of 9m2, as well as a cryotherapy cabin and a hypoxic chamber will be accessible on the second floor, in a physical preparation area : injury prevention, muscular reinforcement, energetics, recovery, rehabilitation ...

To discover very soon wink





HIIT session (High Intensity Interval Training) at 43°C (110°F) inside the Thermo Training Room of the CREPS PACA training center, for the basketball player Maria GURAMARE (Harvard University) wink with PPAE – Christophe Keller.






Discovery of the Thermo Training Room by BP JEPS students "sports trainer" specialty, at Sport Science Expertise training center, in Reims.

On the program :

  • The first theoretical part with a reminder on the benefits of a training in the heat according to sports profiles and goals.
  • 2nd part, practice with a test session in the cabin smiley






Unipodal force development work using the WattBike in the CREPS PACA Thermo Training Room in Antibes, for Isaïa Cordinier, with PPAE – Christophe Keller.




Stade de Reims, it's gone for the Ligue 1 championship, from the next season 2018-2019.

Congratulations to all the Stade de Reims team and congratulations to their partner Sport Science Expertise for their participation in the physical preparation of the players.




Want to push your limits ? Then the book of our collaborator, Dr. Fabrice KUHN, is for you.

Dr. Fabrice KUHN is a sports doctor, former doctor of the French team of weightlifters and confirmed triathlete.

In this book he presents (in french) his solution with "low glycogen training" and his method to improve endurance and speed and reduce fatigue and digestive disorders

What if you remove carbohydrates during training to improve your performance ? A crazy idea ? No, that's what a lot of great champions are doing today: Timothy Olson, Chris Froome, the All Blacks ... They get used their bodies to run on fat instead of sugar.

In four weeks, we really feel the difference: the body has adapted and uses lipids better, we train longer, faster, we feel less fatigue, we recover better, we have fewer digestive disorders ... Hyper effective to progress.

Dr. Fabrice KUHN gives you all the keys to understand this method, put it into practice and integrate it into your training.

With this book, you will have :

- All training protocols low glycogen (fasting, twice daily, sleep low ...),

- A multitude of high intensity sessions (to empty the muscles of their glycogen),

- Weekly training schedules of different levels.

Happy reading and good training smiley


Canoe kayak

Canoe kayak


Silent and very functional, the ergometer Kayak First is perfectly adapted to use in Thermo Training Room (without temperature drop since there is no resistance / ventilation propeller).

The cable system and pulleys of this paddling machine allows a faithful reproduction of the movement of the kayakers, for an optimization of the training session wink

2018 Marathon des sables

2018 Marathon des sables



Last days of effort, in the Moroccan desert, 250 kilometers (155 miles)  in 6 stages, under 40°C (110°F) and food self-sufficiency !

To succeed in this impressive challenge, Sabine De Marne has chosen to get ready and acclimated to the heat at Sport Science Expertise, by doing about fifteen training sessions, with Guillaume Dubois (finisher of the 2017 Marathon des Sables) smiley




Rehabilitation for Hassane KAMARA, defensive midfielder of the team Stade de Reims, following his ankle injury.

On the program, workout in Thermo Training Room and in Hypoxia, at Sport Science Expertise training center, with one of the physical trainers of the Stade de Reims.

Circuit training sessions of the upper body, Wattbike and sprint repetitions. These sessions are intense at the cardiac and physiological level but have little impact on muscle, tendon and joint.

These sessions therefore promote accelerated recovery of physical abilities for a faster return to the field wink





Cardio training session at 42°C (110°F), for Charles Joussot, 7th Dan of Penchak-Silat, Founder and President of FISFO (Fédéral International Systems Forces de l'Ordre), at Urban Training Center in Paris.

Thermo Training Room and body detox

Thermo Training Room and body detox


Toxin elimination up to 6 times higher !

Explanations :

The perspiration produced during a workout in a gym, outdoors or in a traditional sauna contains up to 97% water.

The perspiration produced during a workout in the Thermo Training Room is composed of approximately 80% water and 20% toxins.

This result is due to the fact that the TTR is heated by an exclusive Far Infrared Heating System (FIR) using carbon fiber crystal technology, with flat emitters.

Indeed, this particular type of infrared radiation produces maximum emissions of a wavelength between 8 microns and 10 microns which is absorbed by the upper layers of the epidermis and then immediately converted into heat.

This specific radiation is identical to that used in thermotherapy. It produces a homogeneous heat without drying out the ambient air, which remains healthy and does not irritate the airway.

In addition, scientific analysis carried out by the toxicology department of the Lariboisière hospital in Paris, reveal the presence of heavy metals in the perspiration of people having carried out a workout of 30 minutes in the Thermo Training Room.

The identified metals include lead (1.1μg/L)*, cobalt (2.51μg/L)*, mercury (<0.1μg/L)*, cadmium (0.36μg/L)*, manganese (3,59μg/L)*, bromine (874μg/L)* and chromium (39.9μg/L)*. Study conducted with 22 athletes from the French National Institute of Sport - INSEP (*Averages).

The study was carried out by the Induced Plasma Mass Spectrometry technique (ICP-MS), (Elan DRCe, Perkin Elmer) and ICP-OES or AAET (Fe, Al).

Triathlon : champions in training

Triathlon : champions in training


Great cold in all France and yet it is shirtless, that the champions Vincent Luis and Raoul Shaw, French international triathletes, prepare at 40°C (110°F), at Sport Science Expertise training center.

On the program :

- Optimization of training sessions

- Heat acclimation

- Physiological adaptation and performance improvement

Thermo Training Room & calories consumption

Thermo Training Room & calories consumption


Thermo Training Room & calories consumption, 600 to 900 kcal burnt in 30mn only !

Explanation :

Before any presentation of figures, it is essential to know that a number of calories burnt during a defined time, depends on various factors including :

-   Sex, weight and age,

-   Morphological profile and metabolism,

-   Physical condition level,

-   Type of effort(1) and its intensity,

-   Environment (location where the physical activity is done).

(1)Determine the number and size of muscles involved in the effort; an activity that involves the lower limbs (legs) requires more energy than an activity that solicits only the upper limbs.


In a neutral environment (sports hall heated at 20/22°C – 70°F/75°F), at moderate intensity (50 to 60% of VO2 max), the activities presented below allow the following average caloric consumption :

  1. Skipe rope, 700 to 900 kcal/hour,
  2. Boxing, 600 to 900 kcal/hour,
  3. Treadmill(2), 600 to 850 kcal/hour (from 8km/h – 5mi/h),
  4. Cycling, 600 to 850 kcal/hour (from 150W or 20km/h – 12,5mi/h),
  5. Elliptical bike, 600 to 850 kcal/hour,
  6. Step, 600 to 850 kcal/hour,
  7. Rower, 600 to 800 kcal/hour,
  8. Fast walk, 450 kcal/heure (between 6 and 8km/h – 3,5 and 5mi/h),
  9. Body building(3), 400 to 600 kcal/hour of effort,
  10. Slow walk, 200 kcal (approximately 3km/h – 2mi/h).

(2)While running, the energy used is about 1 kcal per kilometer runned and per kilogram of body weight. This value is fixed regardless of the running speed.

(3)In bodybuilding, whether the exercise is performed at body weight, with weight and dumbbell or with machines, the energy used varies between 7 and 10 kcal per minute of effort.


Inside the Thermo Training Room (heated at 40°C/110°F), the organism is placed in more demanding living conditions than what it is accustomed to and it is imposed performances that cause different physiological adjustments.

The specific heat of the Thermo Training Room is produced by far-infrared (FIR) flat-emitters technology.

This exclusive, medically certified heating system is the same as that used in Thermotherapy.

It allows to generate a FIR ray which is absorbed by the upper layers of the epidermis then immediately transformed into heat (with maximum emissions displaying a wavelength between 8 microns and 10 microns).

The body must therefore develop effective actions in order to quickly evacuate the heat produced by the muscle during exercise (thermolysis) and thus limit the risk of overheating. The heat will therefore be mainly rejected by perspiration. In 1956, Professor Arthur Guyton demonstrated that 1 gram of sweat requires 0.58 kcal (or 580 kcal per liter)!

At moderate intensity and for 30 minutes, regardless of the type of training in the Thermo Training Room, any person will at least evacuate ½ liter of sweat, or almost 300 kcal, just by being in the warm atmosphere of the cabin. It is then necessary to add the average value of caloric consumption related to 30 minutes of sports activity (see above), ie about 300 additional kcal.

The total is therefore of the order of 600 kcal for only 30 minutes of effort !

To increase energy expenditure and target 900 kcal, without increasing the training time, it is necessary to cross the "high intensity" level and to perform an aerobic type of training, between 70 and 80% of VO2 max (at at this stage, the breathing is deep and it is no longer possible to have a conversation)!

You choose…wink

Dakar rally 2018

Dakar rally 2018


Let's go for Michel Perin Cross Country Rally Navigator, professional car co-driver at TOYOTA GAZOO Racing South Africa team.

Before this race, this great champion (4 times winner of the Dakar Rally and 6 times Rally Raid World Champion) has chosen to optimize his preparation, including cardio training at 40 ° C, at SSE training center (Sport Science Expertise).

We wish him courage, a great race and success on arrival.

Article in the magazine Vive La Forme N°95

Article in the magazine Vive La Forme N°95



C Fitness 83 (on the French Riviera), the low cost club with high-end services !

Article to discover (in french), on p.16-18 of Vive La Forme magazine by clicking on the link below.

Joyfull holiday season to all

Joyfull holiday season to all



Preparation for the 2018 Desert Marathon

Preparation for the 2018 Desert Marathon



Preparation for the 2018 « Marathon des Sables », 260km (161mi) in the Moroccan desert.


Below is the excellent article (in french) of the « Intrepid Runners » on their experience feedback of a training in a hot environment, at Sport Science Expertise wink

Sport, science and expertise

Sport, science and expertise



Heat, sweat, performance and happy mood at Sport Science and expertise.

Bravo and thank to all smiley

Thermo Training & Thermotherapy

Thermo Training & Thermotherapy


Far infrared radiation (FIR) used for heating the Thermo Training Room is the same type of thermal radiation as the sun but without the UV production.

This exclusive heating system allows a homogeneous and pleasant distribution of the heat in the cabin. The bodies of the persons being heated up to 80% and the air only to 20%.

The breathing inside the cabin is therefore perfectly normal since the ambient air remains healthy and is not dried out.

It is recognized that regular training in the cabin alloows :

  • Weight loss
  • Physical capacity improvement
  • Body detox
  • Heat acclimation

Moreover, this same FIR radiation is also used in thermotherapy, in particular to fight against fibromyalgia (diffuse pain throughout the body, associated with important tiredness  and sleep disorder).

Explanations :

The heat increases the temperature in the tissues which has the effect of :

  • Vasodilatation = improvement of blood circulation and tissue oxygenation (which is why smokers and people with colds have an immediate improvement in their breathing capacity).
  • Muscle relaxation = decrease of muscular contractions.
  • Action on pain control mechanisms = decrease in the number and frequency of nociceptive messages sent to the brain.

In summary :

Although the Thermo Training Room was designed for sports and non-therapeutic use, it is obvious that regular training in this cabin helps to keep you fit and healthy smiley

Ironman : 2017 world championship

Ironman : 2017 world championship



Preparation for the Ironman of Hawaii for the triathlete Fabien GRECO, who trains at 45°C (120°F) in the cabin of the CREPS PACA training center.

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