Who are we ?


With more than fifteen years of sports coaching, physical training and rehabilitation behind us, we have learnt the following:

« Any sport practitioner at any level of performance
(beginner, advanced or professional) is looking to improve that performance as quickly as possible be it for health or professional reasons and competitions.

However, because of lack of time the level of performance and physical capacity of many of them often stagnate or even regress ».






We have been working together for several years now to find a solution to the following problem:

For a Result « R » obtained by a Given Time « Gt », how can one obtain, in the same Given Time a superior Result « R+ » ?​

​Or how can one achieve the same Result « R »
  in less Given time ​« Gt- » ?​

Lengthy research, advices and opinions from highly trained athletes, researchers, doctors, sports physicians and physiotherapists have confirmed that Result « R+ » may be obtained by training in the heat (37°C to 42°C / 98°F to 107°F) with an healthy ambient air which is not dry out (without irritation of the throat):
                          Thermo Training Room ® was born.