concept-img-1.jpg The Thermo Training Room is a patended sports training and physiotherapy cabin heated by an infrared heating system to an interior temperature of 37°C to 42°C.

    • WHY 37°C TO 42°C ?




The effect of exercising in this heat raises one’s body temperature since the very beginning of the training session which means :

Weight loss: in each 30 min session, between 600 and 900 kcal are burnt, (depending on the morphology of the person and the exercises done), so encouraging fat-burning.

Body detox due to significant perspiration
results confirmed by the analysis of sweat show a composition of approximately 80% water and 20% toxins (including heavy metals toxics1). In comparison the perspiration analysed after a traditional work-out or a sauna session shows a composition of 97% water;








 Toning and muscle building;

 Performance improvement (highly trained athletes):                        Training in the heat (5 to 10 days2 between 37 and 42°C / 98 and 107°F) improves the physical level of performance of 4 to 8% both in hot and neutral environments3. Training in the heat also optimizes and increases the usual work-out load (cardio training, toning, stretching...) in shorter session than in a neutral environments.

Heat acclimation :                                                                                In preparation of international competitions in hot weather countries (10 training sessions4);

• Prophylaxis :                                                                                      Optimizes your sessions dedicated to injury prevention. Reduces the risk of muscle, ligament and tendon injury. Helps to prevent back injury.

 Physiotherapy, functional re-education and sports rehabilitation :      Accelerates post trauma or post injury recovery and return to fitness thanks to the IR long waves.

 Boosts muscular recovery (hot-cold alternating method).  

1French study (Lariboisiere hospital, toxicology department), 2015.

2INSEP study, 2014; Australian study, 2012; New Zealand study, 2011; US Army and University of Oregon study, 2010.

3Between 13 and 26°C (55 and 80°F).

4Pr. Gonzales-Alonzo study, 2008; Pr. Body Nielsen study,1993.

Why 37°C TO 42°C ?


Because several recent scientific studies have shown that training in the heat improves performance. More over at this temperature, associated with a humidity level of 40% to 60%, one can still exercise aerobically breathing through the mouth or nose without discomfort. 

The cabin is heated by a far-infrared radiant heating system (IR-C longwave), identical to that used in thermotherapy and in compliance with the standard on medical devices (ISO 13485).

This specific heating method, which produces radiation identical to that of the sun (but without UV rays), does not dry out the ambient air, which remains healthy and does not irritate (heats homogenously the human body at 80% while the air only at 20%).

During a training, the ambient air being not dried out, natural ventilation of the cabin and perspiration produced by people allow to keep a normal humidity level. This maintains a sufficient water content in the air, so as not to dry pulmonary surfactant (keep easy breathing), allowing normal oxygen transfer in the blood.

For top athletes who wish to adjust the humidity level up to 80%, a professional system to control the hygrometry rate is also available (optional).






Multi-color lighting with light-emitting diodes (64 light variations), with digital control box combining esthetics, simplicity of use and precision of the adjustment (touch control).


Integration of one (or two) UHD 4K TV to the dimensions of your choice, for a more enjoyable training and multimedia access (Ethernet, WiFi, fiber, satellite... + HDMI & USB ports).


Universal audio system and speakers (2 x 80w) with Bluetooth connection, which allows listening to music / radio live or streaming from any type of Smartphone... + USB, SD & mini jack).