1. Are there any risks exercising in the cabin?
Anyone in good health can exercise in the cabin.

There are risks for persons with cardio vascular conditions, venous impairment (varix, phlebitis - both heat and exercise increases blood flow), untreated hypertension or untreated diabets (the raised temperature can provoke major swings in blood sugar). If in doubt please consult your doctor before using the cabin.

2. What are the contraindications and recommendations if pregnant or breast-feeding?
Medical advice recommends that heat therapy should be avoided when pregnant. Temperatures above 38.9°C should be avoided throughout pregnancy.

There are no particular contraindications of heat therapy when breast feeding if the temperature is well tolerated.

Reminder of 2 important points:
• Although the interior temperature in the cabin can rise to 55°C / 130°F (maximum approximate temperature), the recommended temperature is between 37°C to 42°C (98°F to 107°F);
• If in doubt, please ask your doctor before using the cabin.

3. How often should one use the cabin to enjoy full benefit?
For someone with a beginner or intermediate level, 1 or 2 training session per week are sufficient. High level athletes can enjoy more frequent sessions (even daily).


4. How long does each session last?
It depends on your level of sport and the type of work-out, but in general for beginners or avanced athletes, sessions should have a duration of about 30 mins and up to an 1hr, or more for high level athletes.









5. Are far-infrared rays dangerous to health?
This far-infrared heating system uses carbon fiber crystal technology, in compliance with the standard on medical devices (ISO 13485) and without risk to health.

For instance, this infrared technology is commonly used in maternity wards to keep newborns warm.


6. Are the IR panels washable ?
Yes, with a damp sponge.


7. Can one use any type of equipment inside the cabins ?
Yes, as long as they fit comfortably within the cabin and especially as the dimensions of the cabin can be customized according to needs and sports objectives.

8. How much does a Thermo Training Room cost?
Each cabin being customizable, the final price depends on the dimensions, finishes and options chosen, as well as the place of installation.

As an indication, a cabin of 6m2 (length 3.00m x width 2.00m x height 2.25m) designed for sports use by two people is proposed (delivery in France and assembly included) from 32.195 € (duty free).

Specific cost to be added for assembly and delivery outside France.

9. What is the cost of electricity consumption during a training session?
The cost for one hour’s use of a 6m2 Thermo Training Room is approximately 1€.

10. How long does the pre-heating last?
To get 40°C inside the Thermo Training Room, the pre-heating is approximately 30/40mn.