Far infrared radiation (FIR) used for heating the Thermo Training Room is the same type of thermal radiation as the sun but without the UV production.

This exclusive heating system allows a homogeneous and pleasant distribution of the heat in the cabin. The bodies of the persons being heated up to 80% and the air only to 20%.

The breathing inside the cabin is therefore perfectly normal since the ambient air remains healthy and is not dried out.

It is recognized that regular training in the cabin alloows :

  • Weight loss
  • Physical capacity improvement
  • Body detox
  • Heat acclimation

Moreover, this same FIR radiation is also used in thermotherapy, in particular to fight against fibromyalgia (diffuse pain throughout the body, associated with important tiredness  and sleep disorder).

Explanations :

The heat increases the temperature in the tissues which has the effect of :

  • Vasodilatation = improvement of blood circulation and tissue oxygenation (which is why smokers and people with colds have an immediate improvement in their breathing capacity).
  • Muscle relaxation = decrease of muscular contractions.
  • Action on pain control mechanisms = decrease in the number and frequency of nociceptive messages sent to the brain.

In summary :

Although the Thermo Training Room was designed for sports and non-therapeutic use, it is obvious that regular training in this cabin helps to keep you fit and healthy smiley