Toxin elimination up to 6 times higher !

Explanations :

The perspiration produced during a workout in a gym, outdoors or in a traditional sauna contains up to 97% water.

The perspiration produced during a workout in the Thermo Training Room is composed of approximately 80% water and 20% toxins.

This result is due to the fact that the TTR is heated by an exclusive Far Infrared Heating System (FIR) using carbon fiber crystal technology, with flat emitters.

Indeed, this particular type of infrared radiation produces maximum emissions of a wavelength between 8 microns and 10 microns which is absorbed by the upper layers of the epidermis and then immediately converted into heat.

This specific radiation is identical to that used in thermotherapy. It produces a homogeneous heat without drying out the ambient air, which remains healthy and does not irritate the airway.

In addition, scientific analysis carried out by the toxicology department of the Lariboisière hospital in Paris, reveal the presence of heavy metals in the perspiration of people having carried out a workout of 30 minutes in the Thermo Training Room.

The identified metals include lead (1.1μg/L)*, cobalt (2.51μg/L)*, mercury (<0.1μg/L)*, cadmium (0.36μg/L)*, manganese (3,59μg/L)*, bromine (874μg/L)* and chromium (39.9μg/L)*. Study conducted with 22 athletes from the French National Institute of Sport - INSEP (*Averages).

The study was carried out by the Induced Plasma Mass Spectrometry technique (ICP-MS), (Elan DRCe, Perkin Elmer) and ICP-OES or AAET (Fe, Al).