NO - Heat does’nt help to fight against the coronavirus (our body temperature is around 37°C and this virus develops very well in humans, similarly it spreads in countries where it is over 40°C) !

On the other hand :

YES - Playing a sport regularly helps to stay healthy and strengthen your immune system. If this sport is practiced in TTR, the results are faster.

YES - The infrared radiation from TTR associated with exercise increase your internal temperature (>38.5°C). The body adapts and causes various physiological adjustments to quickly dissipate this heat through perspiration. The ratio of the composition of the latter being of the order of 20% of toxins for 80% of water, the detox of the organism is very real.

Conclusion :

During your confinement, continue to take care of yourself by practicing regular physical activity and compatible with current measures to prevent Covid-19.

We will be happy to see you again as soon as possible, at our partner centers.

For the happy owners of TTR at home, we wish you a warm continuity of training wink